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Teh Gladiators Webcomic: Takes Its Job Seriously
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Takes Its Job Seriously

Hey, it's an update. I'm sure that, like Coca-Cola, we always have the best intentions in mind. And like Coca-Cola, things sometimes get lost in translation.

yours, 2lions


Stampers Saverem

And THAT is why I still have a night-light!


Hah! This made me laugh. Good one sir :D


Still with this cards nonsense ... buuuuuuuuu


Hahaha xD good one sir ^^


I guess you can say he got the lights knocked out of him.

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Teh Gladiators / The Gladiators
A world of warcraft (WoW arena) - inspired comic, from the award winning team - Uros Jojic & Borislav Grabovic. Updated weekly. Read the first 21 pages of heroic Gorrok, Vallant and Spin saga now at www.tehgladiators.com