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Teh Gladiators Webcomic: Lepper Gnome Vs. Stonetusk
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Lepper Gnome Vs. Stonetusk

The bore's strength is legendary. But no one can dispute the mindless courage of the little leprechaun.

yours, 2lions


Stampers Saverem

Ah, Yes! The art of Pig-Wrestlin', at its best!


To the authors and illustrators: PLEASE hear me out. your first series was a fun ride, that second story you made was upsetting for many (cause we liked TG so much), but overall an acceptable change in pace, and was successful in being a serious story. However, this hearthstone series is trying SO hard to be as funny as tehglads, and it will never be:

1. Your humour is far to forced, such as shoving re-occuring characters down our throats, like the leper gnome, even when it makes no sense in relevance to the highlighted card.

2. We are over-exposed to the same joke, such as your attempts to create continuous short stories for some of these cards, when this series is meant for, and can only be 'successful' in single slide jokes. Shieldbearer, and most other cards after this should have been 1 or 2 slides at the most, but you're taking it too far.

3. Your comedy is just over all unfunny, and made up of predictable jokes that are chuckle-worthy at best. You even inject pop culture references that have been used by SO many people, SO many times before. Again, I use Shieldbearer as an example.

It is just so blatantly obvious you are trying to recreate the hilarity and greatness of Teh Gladiators, but the problem is that you can't, especially not with the way this is formatted. We love the original series far too much, and we were way too involved in it's story to ever give a hoot about some leper gnome from several cards ago recreating a scene from a 2008 movie/internet meme with a draenei for several slides.

So if you care about your fanbase, then i'd say your options are this:

- Get some better material that actually works with the intended short & sweet pacing of this series

- Reboot Teh Gladiators series (most preferable option)

- Just cancel Hearthstone and work on something new

- Stop making these comics altogether (I REALLY don't want you to give up, but look where you're at: Not nearly enough people pay attention to your stuff and those who do don't even like this current series, and you don't even play the games that your comics were based around).

Because at this point, me and most of your fanbase have gone to other webcomics and only come back for a quick check of the page with the false hope that something has changed, let alone for the better.

Here's a general opinion of your 3 series over the past years (judging by user comments throughout each of these series):

Comedy & Adventure series (Tehgladiators): Amazing!!

Story Driven Adventure series (A Lost Tale): Different; Intriguing. Overall OK.

Daily Dosage Gags & Comedy series (Hearthstone):

0/10; Terrible. NO

I really don't like being so bitter, but the honesty is necessary, because I really want this series to be good! With that being said I have a few suggestions:

Combine all 3 types of series into one: Create a Comedy Adventure series that is somewhat story driven with the same sort of 'daily dosage' feel this series has (but DO NOT make it a single slide gag series). Since you no longer play WoW, have it revolve around some other aspect of Hearthstone than just the cards themselves. For example, you could follow one or more playable heroes (e.g. Uther) being introduced to the Hearthstone boardgame and playing against the other heroes and battling through each expansion, obtaining new cards, etc (e.g. the Naxxramas, Blackrock Mountain x-pacs, etc).

Alternatively, you could even turn the Dwarven Innkeeper (Aka: that friendly voice you hear when starting the game) into the main character, and each comic could be about the possibly hilarious hijinks that go on inside his inn whenever the aforementioned heroes (or any characters you create yourself) enter with their decks and a board. You could even have it revolve around tournaments that take place in this inn, or anything else that would be worthy of such a series etc. There is A LOT of potential for a great series out of Hearthstone, and I just believe you're barking up the wrong tree. all you need to do is explore your options a bit more, and play around with different ideas than what you are currently doing, because it hardly feels like you are trying right now, and your formula for these new comics seem to me like they are just "Insert leper gnome into random Hearthstone card" Which has effectively put the focus on said leper gnome and made the character or subject within the highlighted card feel like a side-character.

Another suggestion for the theme of the comics would be to explore a Heroes of the Storm or Overwatch comic series.


Jesus Christ, so many words, when you could have just left. That's your answer.

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