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And Then They Were...

Everyone keeps asking us why we don't update more than once a week. It's a valid question. I sort of have the same issues myself. Why do I have to wait four years for the Olympics? Isn't two years enough? Does this mean an episode of TehGladiators is comparable to the Olympics?

I would say "yes" to that. The Special Olympics that is.

That said, the latest episode. As you can see, the Murlocs are no different than the rest of us (provided we are all snails). In case some of us are not snails (I understand that there is a likelihood of this), then I see Murlocs as possibly being hermaphroditic creatures, and even if that's not the case, where are their women?

This brings me to another subject (I keep randomly switching subjects... because I can).

Strange creatures.

You can find a lot of strange creatures in this world. Creatures so strange, one would have a hard time believing they are from planet Earth, or even simply imagining them as such. I dare you to imagine anything as strange as an animal which looks like a plant from Mars.

I was watching a show on National Geographic last night, about strange aquatic creatures, and I have concluded that if I would to see a Murloc in real life, it would probably look a lot more common than 80 percent of the living things crawling across the ocean bed.

Our planet is really amazing. We even have Murlocs. I'm sure of it. Somewhere out there, in some cave, a Blizzard artist had befriended a tribe of Murlocs and had simply used their likeness for World of Warcraft.

Murlocs are as real as you and me (which is a rather odd thing to say, given that, to you, I'm some sort of online character-typing entity).

yours, 2lions




....wtf.... so we have two crazy female murlocs who collect corpses are are also into interspecies bonding.... this comic certainly... took a turn lol


GJ Thunder !!!


That was awesome. Rofl. Thank you!


lol wow never in a million years would anyone guess that. I bow to your creative genius sir. Wat is with the dead sorta smelly corpses behind the mirror? And Ice??
Cant wait to see where this story leads :D

p.s lol I can do that since I can post :D You are more then an entity to us Lions, we have come to know the creative somewhat twisted mind that you are and welcome you into our homes, workplaces and hearts. (cue the cheesy inspirational music here)


O-h-kaaaaaay, this just took a turn for the really freaky...

'I think Vallant's kind of hot'... lol


ahhhahhahahhahahhahahhahahahhahahha ... that was out of the blue ... hahahhahahahahhaha


LOL the old paladins corpse and the druid corpses are in the corner of the room! i bet the murlocs are lesbians :))


Roflmao ;))

P.s:Yolanda is reallly Hawt= )) ...


ahahahaha xD

that ... seriously.. cracked.. me.. up ... trouble writing.. must try to control laughter.. xD


I'm not sure if I'm just not able to, or simply don't want to, imagine what happens next. Thats really sick and twisted (in that "good" way :p).


ROFLMAO !! never expected that !
and why are those murlocs keeping the druid and the dwarf corpses frozen behind the mirror ??


its not a paladin its a war theyr armor at 60 lvl look the same but his a war i duno why thye keeping the copses maby necrofilia? O_O yea i bet i ruin many sleeps with that post naw *runs away*


O moj bože !*
Now taht freaked me out . And that "Hello , boys." totaly made my eyes play an owl O_O ....

(* "oh my god" for translation)

EDIT> and I bet that druid an warrior are their .. FOOD , no realy ! why woudl they keep them in ice ? And hey , you saw that murlocs eat humans (elwynn quests)


Oh... my... god... NEVER EXPECTED SOMETHING THAT WICKED! WTB [Laugh stop Pills]. Female murlocs... hey I dont recall having ever saw any before.

BTW, how did Spin get dressed up that fast?


A idi bre, zgadio si mi sve sada. Bas i nisi morao da smislis ovakav preokret u prici, mnogo su mi se vise svidjali murlocki onako kako su prikazani pre. Znam da je ovaj strip komedija ali malo ga pretera. ovo je jedina strana koja mi se bas ne svidja.
PS: Sorry for not using english guys


hehe uvijek su najsumnjiviji oni koji se najvise zgade :)
Now guys u can't say u didn't see this coming.
Valant always was a ladies man, can't wait to see the story envelop.
Murlocs chew on those two between fights? Well serves them right to get eaten when they loose to teh gladiators . ;)


O bog, česa takega pa še ne...
To je pa šlo že malo preko meje okusnega, reči kar hočeš.

Gosh, this really is going over the border to the tastless.

Edit: I'm from Slovenia, the little country just south of Austria (A-U-S-T-R-I-A, not Australia.


ROFL stari svaka cast!!!


hey , people , since some (ok a lot already) of us are psoting in non-englis , care to say which counrty you're from ? ;)


For thoes who don't understand, Thundersnow said that Murlocs might be hermaphroditic creatures.
Meaning they are both male and female.

Maybe ogres, troggs and gronn are hermaphroditic as well.


nice comments once again!


Tastless?... Hmm... Priceless!!

"God bless him, he's the stupid one" OMGROFL!! (Must plagerize that line for use at an undetermined time)




I wonder why they're dressing up? They must be going someplace, that said, where? Hot murloc date? To work? At a strip club for murlocs, lol!


haha ohh man. never saw that 1 comming ;)and poor vallant, how will this end?


that was.. umm.. unexpected and sorta wierd.. in a really funny way hehe


Did anyone else notice that _Sharon_ is wearing _fishnet_ stalkings? lol

Very disturbing, I must say. When Yolanda (lol... named Murlocs...) said "Hello, boys," I couldn't believe my eyes - literally. I reread it like 10 times.


Well, I can tell you I have found some Murlocs in Sweden. They had dark skin, was yelling out the window to some other dark skinned murlocs on the street. And they sounded just like them. xD


Haha, good one with the murlocs. I think they might be using it against those "I don't wanna fight girls." guys.


Is it snowing outside?

High Five

hjshkjcnkjhejsa !


Kill the mutant!
btw:no real comments:/this part speaks for itself...


"Everyone keeps asking us why we don't update more than once a week. It's a valid question. I sort of have the same issues myself. Why do I have to wait four years for the Olympics? Isn't two years enough? Does this mean an episode of TehGladiators is comparable to the Olympics?"

i dont mean to be rude, but you do realize the Olympics are every 2 years right? They alternate between the summer and winter games. 2006 was winter in Italy


Heh, you're right, I was talking about the Summer Olympics tho.


I would like to say that this is cool, but actually it's so stupid I'll be deleting tehgladiators.com from my bookmark


Will there be a comment from Sharon in the next episode about the orc warr also? An interesting turn of events this coic turn out to be :)


I really hope the next part will pull it off, cos this one hasn't impressed me at all :( Maybe it's just me though ;)


Really hopin the next comic doesn't suck. Started to really enjoy this series it better not flop now...


Oh cut the guy some slack. I personally thought this was brilliant. Was the clothing a bit over the top? Sure. But all the more shocking.

Also, I have to stop and praise the artist. I love all the little things in this comic. The gestures, the goings-on in the background. Like Trevor's little table, and especially the way that Sharon looks while putting on her skirt. It's the perfect depiction of that weird little knees-together squirming dance that girls do when they're pulling on a skirt like that. Simply priceless!

Keep up the great work guys! And keep the twists coming, it's really refreshing to follow a comic that I can't already guess what the next few postings are going to portray. :)

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