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Awesome New Stealth-Detection Methods

Top of the day, ladies and gentlemen. Good to have you here at our little corner of the Internet. You know how I make every one of these posts about World of Warcraft? (If you are new here, just nod your head.)

Yeah, this is not particularly odd, seeing how this is a WoW comic site. Then again, occasionally, one is allowed to do away with tradition and talk about something else. Like food for example.

I wish there was a Steak, French Fries and Pancake (SFF&P) faction in the game. Frankly, grinding for them I see as something that many people would enjoy doing. Incidentally, that's exactly what I did today. I grinded so much rep with SFF&P, it literally feels like my hands are moving independently from my mind, which is, for all intents and purposes, resting on some sofa inside my head and bitching about life (that's what my brain does in its off-time).

It feels like I'm wearing plate on my eyelids and I can swear I see a fatigue bar above my head.

Curse you, food! Curse you for tasting so good! Curse you, brain, for taking a holiday every time you see food and curse you stomach for being an overzealous, greedy bastard.

Just remember, you guys! If I go down, we are most likely going down together!

Am I having a conversation with my organs right now? You bet your ass I am!

Finally, about the comic. I love you, Trevor! Marry me!

yours, 2lions




OMFG,ROFLMAOC'THUN!!!!!! 2 funny...tho' I wish I was that lucky in the arena's,oh well....gg m8 keep 'em coming ;)


Hehe, I can't even remember the number of times the goddamn execute what missed on a freaking Druid in a match against Lock/Druid.

I'm getting the shakes just thinking about it. Wish I had Vallant on my side though.

Actually, screw all of them, Trev for the win :)


I ROFL-ed irl:)


Murlocs for the win:) Can't wait for the next one


theres a small glitch in the second picture :) the murloc which should have all thosee thingies on his back in blue has 2 of them in red

btw NICE ! keep 'em coming


Lol, nice catch, sithril :)


w8 , doesn't "what the hell ? no one there..." rhyme ?? or is it just me :D


all hail to the might trevor!! hhahah

playing a hunter myself i wish i can just shot that way when i got a freaking stealth arena team on the other side of the ring hehe

anyway, gr8 comic and gr8 job ;]


Once again great stuff, keep it coming.
Oh, and Spin ftw!


heya lovin this comic both the art and the storyline and humour
keep up the top work!


ROFL ... made my day, thanks for that



But he can't equip boots in the middle of the fight!




OMG so lucky multishot FTW XD..!


lawls, that second rogue had t4 shoulders, yet managed to get s3 daggers. Also, does that first rogue have t6 shoulders? Are you trying to say that there are no rogues good enough to earn s3 shoulders? :)

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