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Great Forces Are At Work Here

Lag is an interesting phenomenon. It's said that the ancient Titans of Uldaman wrote in their tablets: "Many powerful spells we have seen, some we have known ourselves, some epic cooking recipes have we stored in our giant pouches, but none as powerful, none as utterly devastating as lagz0r."

True story.

There was this Warlock once. It was said he had the power of bringing living people to life, that's how freaking powerful he was. After many years of long studies, he finally cracked the code of the infamous "Uldaman Lagz0r Tablets." He cast Rank 3 Lag on himself and has been sprinting into a wall ever since.

The really sad part about this story is that his imp, who was unaffected by the spell, remained by his master's side the entire time while our mighty Warlock was doing his endless wall-humping exercise. By the time they found the imp, he could speak thirty seven hundred different dialects of Orcish and could tell you the history of Azeroth backwards while tapping the contents of the entire Great Stormwind Library in Morse's code with his feet.

Two years on, and the poor bastard killed himself. His master, unfazed by this, continued to run into the wall, and is now known as the only animated statue in all of Azeroth. He is a minor tourist attraction, however, as The Stockades are still proving rather popular with people who are leveling up their weapon skill.

So, you see, lag is a horrible, horrible thing. But, sometimes, it works to your advantage.

yours, 2lions




lol nice one




ah Trevor, pro name, keep up teh gud work kk


Haha! Great stuff, keep em' comin'!!


Behold, the mighty power of LAG :D

Great work. I want MORE :D


Been following Teh gladiators for a couple of weeks now and i must say that this is probably the best WoW comic as of yet. Keep it up! :)


Loved it ! cant wait for the next one :D
keep up the good work


Thanks, guys!


...ROFL,pro job dude,keep 'em coming,LFG Comic,DL Comics and Teh Gladiators top 3 WoW comics...cheers m8 ;)


I LOVE Dark Legacy.


Very nice one:)made me rofl irl,i love DLC and LFG but this is the best:)


l0lz, that story about the lagging warlock that became an animated statue! hehehe!

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