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Teh Gladiators Webcomic: Of Bold Plans and Coincidences
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Of Bold Plans and Coincidences

I had a really lovely post all written up and what do I do? I close the web-page as I'm about to enter it on the site. That's OK, at least we have the comic ready.

What I was basically talking about in the post is that Vallant is an idiot, but a lovable idiot nonetheless. I also said something about how Trevor has a great philosophy in life, and how if you ignore your problems for long enough, they are sure to go away at some point.

Now if you put these things together, you get a mix of personalities which I find inspiring -- a blind optimist (which is just another name for an idiot) and a fearful fatalist. And then you have Gorrok in all of this, to cynically point out the obvious. Granted, Spin and the Murlocs seem underused at the moment, but my decision in all of this is not to force anything and to basically just go with the flow.

I find Vallant's stupidly arrogant look in this comic absolutely priceless.

yours, 2lions




Nice one (again),the last panel made me giggle too.
Also I'm curious on what Vallant learned? Eagle eye?
Heh guess I'll know it next week. :)


hah :D huraaaay ... I have been presing the F5 key every 5 seconds for the past 30 min :D ...
I bet Trev is gonna bite them all to death ;) ...


I guess Vallant used Feign Death :D Or Trevor has got Prowling and he is tracking his moves ;-)


Can't wait for the next pwning part of it,Friday became my favourite day:)


Make a Character Profile Page!With avatars,that would be cool:)


I can just imagine that angry warrior misdirected towards the druid >:)


Wopie! My 1st post!

I bet he learned Beast Within or the steam tonk - insta aimed shot spam that got nerfed, lulz, get 'em Trev!


C'mon, Vallant, show us, newbish hunters, how to destroy the entire season 3 team with a rat! :D


Or he will misdirect all his shots to that spooky warlock and they will start fighting each other?


Then again, this might just be the first monumental screw up of the gladiators :)


Hahaha! Awesome commentary, gents. I can't wait to show you the next part! :)


So don't wait and add it tomorrow ;-)

Maybe Vallant in this part is a dummy?


By the way, is that orc warrior a male or female? Compared to Gorrok, who is actually wearing no armor on his torso, he looks pretty scrawny if its a he.


That's because Gorrok is the man! :)


Haha good one I would place my money on that Trevor learned bestial wrath and is going to rip the faces off that over team.... just you wait :)


Meh, I think he just learned Kill Command


actually it seems that Vallant has just leveled o.O ... see it says "DING!" :)))


OMFG ROOOOFFFFLLLLLL.....We have some major PWNING 2 do / That warrior looks bent from raping our entire family tree ROFLMAO!!!! Pro Job man keep it up!!! ;)


Noticed that the 2 murlocs switched spears between them, and i think it may be something involving a MD or Aimed.Trevor still rocks ^_^!


Lol, how do you guys notice stuff like that? :) I'd never notice that in a million years :)


This book seems to be magical... Just have a closer look at it in picture 4 ;-)


lool! Awesome, Rothis!!!


Sorry to spoil all the fun on the murlocks ... but if you take a closeer loot at 19'th page ... second picture ... you will see that they always had those weppons ... blue hair with read weppon ... and the other way around

As for the new ability ... i'm voting for bestial wrath ... GO GO Travor !!!


HAHAH, i'm a 70 hunter that raids and I'm not 100% sure what hes about to break out... But for some odd reason feed pet comes to mind... hahaha


Maybe he's going to feed trevor cheese imbued with steroids!?


(Spam!!!!1111) Or he simply learned every ability a hunter has and he actually became a hunter... In which case he'll just feign death! Nyuk.


With each passing Friday,The number of the Comments go up,Can hardly wait for the next one,More funny comments under the comic too please:)


A Question,Does Borislav Grabovic,The creator of these comics post here?Well if not,Tell him to keep up the pwnin' awsome job!


I think he's Thundersnow doomwalker.


Borislav draws them, I write them. I'm the WoW nut though.


Is it just me, or is the hunter spellbook too large?

I mean, how many pages do you actually need for auto shot?


A spell book is a spell BOOK! It has to be book-like :)


Technically speaking a "spellbook" is 4 pages, or I guess you would define it chapters for each tree and then a number of pages pr. amount of spells / abilities (where the higher ranks would be "does abit more damage than lower ranks" :p).

But it would really be fun if he used BW with Trevor :D - giant rat ftw.




If you were serious, shows how little you know about hunters heir.

And if you were preying on the pre conception that hunters only use auto shot and is EZMode/OP, I applaud you, cos I as a hunter wouldnt have thought of that lol =P

WTB Updates!


Wow the site got updated! The new Reply and Edit Buttons are cool!Btw,is the site updated at a specified time(Like always at 14:05 for example) or when the comic is compleate?


Best comic i have ever read . Great job:)


Omg this is so uber funny!!! 2 mins until friday at me but im guessing where not in the same time zone so .... ill hope ill see the new when page when i wake up tomorow :))


Is the next almost ready yet? One of the best comics I've read in a while but the WAITING oh god! :D


Hey, it's Friday, but I can't find new episode :P Come on


roflmao ...that warr :D "drool" ...keep up the good work guys :D i love you !

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