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Teh Gladiators Webcomic: Shieldbearer Part Deux
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Shieldbearer Part Deux


yours, 2lions




this is not TEHGLADIATORS!!!


Is this really what this comic has come down to?
Sub-par or worse "hearthstone" cards?
Do you read the comments your fanbase have left? I think people would rather you simply end this page, then keep giving us false hope of something interesting.


I like some of the hearthstone comics, it's not anywhere near the level that tehglads had when it started, but it's still somewhat entertaining. Unfortunately, even though I got into Hearthstone about a month ago, I have stopped playing it after I noticed how much of a pay2win game it is. It's a shame, such promise down the drain.

Stampers Saverem

Maybe he should try a little SHOVE?


Panel 4 expression matches mine. The cards thing was a nice gag at first but you're taking it too far by trying to make mini stories out them. What happened to good story writing? Jokes stop being funny when you're being over exposed to them. Would love to see the old gang travel through current content. It worked with arena's and TBC/WoTLK. HS? Not so much.


Hey anybody there? come on what are u doing at least read the comments every body left!!!(it's not funny anymore it's just sad)


Apart from loving whiners I really can't understand the logic of all this crying. The comic is about HS now, if you're not hooked to that bloody card game then you probably don't like the new episodes. Well don't bother with them at all. Simple as that. Lots of players are bored with WoW and still find HS somewhat fun so maybe the change is not that bad for everyone? And above all wth with the no respect to the people behind this site? They've brought so much entertainment to so many people for so many years. You don't like the way they are heading, fine. But why should they listen to trash talk, suddenly a bunch of whiners are paying them salaries and expect them to do exactly this and that? dafaq?


Why do you guys bother putting the next comic ? Its never there on that day and usually isn't there even after a few days/a week. This comic has become quite saddening, I miss the actual stories and humor you used to have.


Tired of waiting for this to return to a semblance of a good comic. Hearthstone was good for some brief entertainment, and initially, the comic was sort of funny. Only sort of, though. Taking this site off my bookmarks. I'll always fondly remember Tehglads of old.


Hey, don't whine about being late to post the next (announced) page....maybe he's dead...or worse!

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