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Shish Kebab Mountains

Look, it wasn't me! It was the damn dragons. Blame the dragons! I am now somewhat torn between writing this little blurb and just saying "the hell with it," and posting the new page. Looks like the comments section is filling up like crazy on that previous board; the people are restless.

That's fair enough, though I seriously think the dragons at the Blade's Edge Mountains had it tougher. What the hell, man? Why have so many of them ended up on those spikes? It's a bit of a mystery to me that I tried to explain in this latest episode.

Enjoy! Love you all! Love you like I love a Druid with zero mana trying to go travel form as my screen is flashing up with the "EXECUTE!" message. That's how much I love you. And I love that message so very, very much.

yours, 2lions




woooh back :P its here praise the lag and Wooh first :D


OMFG its up!
lucky my "2" "5" and "ENTER" keys still worked :p

LMFAO giant lizard shish kebab mountains :D
Great comic once again!

lol the murlocs still carrying the druid, maybe the druid's gonna train our cow :D
and trevor looking at the mountains priceless :)))


Haha! I barely managed to write down a few words in fear that I'd be lynched for not posting soon enough :))


great comic again i am sure that spin is going to be a druid :)


MMMM shish kebab jummy


Pure genius, and the murlocs dragging the druid...I love it!I wonder if they plan to eat him or keep him as a souvenir...


actualy all thise dragons ar impale there coz of the gronns and ogres have a huge fight with the dragons wen deathwind came there the gronns impale them there as a example for all the rest dragons ^,..,^ btw there was and they ar there only black dragons coz only those and nether life in outlands


p.s. may spelling sucks i know it i am lvl ing may english skills still 175/375 :D


we all know why...but for the sake of fun everything's allowed...and we just love it like this


I do too! :))


er.. why do the murlocs still have that druid corpse? lol


Dragon on a stick
lol stupid animals
and ftl:( i fell asleep for 3.5 hours infront of the computer lol...




nice job there :>

maybe the murlocs are skinners/leatherworkers and wanna craft some armor for Spin? Oo

well, at least Trevor looks cool :D


Nice one! Was expecting some action with that orc warrior who survived the makeshift endless pit made by Trevor, but this is nice too, story gotta go somewhere, without revolving only around fighting. :D
As for the druid, I think they're probably gonna skin him and make some armor with druid stats for Val or Spin.


Thundersnow ! confess ! what are the NAMES of teh MURCLOS ?!! We Want Them !!! Don't we guys ? come on , help me with it !

We Want Them ! W.W.T. !


Ghhrggl and Mhrggll?

That sounds good enough! :)


This is the only comic I look forward to every week. It's got great graphics, storyline, and pricelss expressions on the characters not to mention the humor. Great work!


hehe,loved it m8,samo nastavi tako majstore


Haha, that rat is epic. I can see a huge side story coming from that lil guy.

Lol @ the murlocks with the dead feral druid.


Being in Bem I'd guess they will meet some Ogres now *cough* Gruul? *cough* :p

and is the druid feigning death...


In case you guys didn't know, pretty sure you do know but i'll tell you anyways, the reasons there are those dragons impaled on the rocks is because of Gruul the Dragon Slayer and his gronn. The more you know :)


Hey I remember you promised a few pages ago that the murlocks will finally shine in the next match. I wonder what abilities are they gonna use...cant wait for the next comic :)


You want to know why all the dragons end on the spikes?

It's actually really easy, BEM is the home of Gruul. The dragon killer. Now guess how he likes to kill dragons.


Hehe - must be 3-5 comments telling why the dragons are actually spiked in bem now :p


Perhaps it should be "Gruul, the giant lizard shish kebab slicer" then :)


This is the best comic iv ever seen. You guys should think about getting a wow model viewer and making a movie based on this.
THAT would be freeking awesome.
Valant & Trevor ftw


LOL!!! Friggin murlocs still dragging around the kitty cat. hahaha. The look on the taurens face as he's watching those murlocs is priceless btw


People please stop trying to explain why there are dragon corpses in Bem...we all know the lore so stop being"lore-masters"... the comic versio is much more nicer then the game version...


:D love it guys :D cant wait for the next one !


Wish it was friday already.. :(


whay i am the only one too say that orange and purple ok maby few purple dragons dont life in outlands at least not in the spikes ar jast black dragon on spikes >_< o well


Absolutely Awesome Comic! Keep 'em coming!!
The 1st time I flew thru BEM and saw a "Dragon on a Stick" I was like "Whoa....How did that happen"... Now I know!


it's friday! gonna start refreshing again now :p
prepare to be -almost- lynched snow :)


it's friday and 13 bad day bad day :) someting bad will happen to our friends


Mmh, am I early or are the current strip late? :p


i need my fix ! *twitch*


just picture spin shape shifting into a platterpuss and proceeding to envenom the opponents. Also has Bong of the Numb Face level 3 area effect skill

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