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Teh Gladiators Webcomic: Southsea Deckhand
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Southsea Deckhand

He charges when you least expect him.

yours, 2lions


Stampers Saverem

So what's he Chargin' at?

(I mean, if he had a credit card instead of a sword, and was headin' for Ace Hardware, I could understand....)


Oh boy, I was just waiting to see the leper gnome spit on the sword. What a great artistic moment.

Edit : Oh, also, I forgot, is it still time to make fun of the fact that it takes a few weeks to get a copy-paste of 6 panels with a twist that makes no sense?


And here we have it. Proof that the leper gnome is the "star" of the series. The southsea deckhand gets one(!) panel in a six panel strip about himself. Does hearthstone have a lawyer card? 'Cause he just got dealt a bad hand by the writers.


To the authors of this once awesome webcomic.
I have been reading you stories since the start of The Gladiators and have always enjoyed your stories, drawings, suspense and practical jokes.

However I made this account today to bid you farewell. The hearthstone series are a faint shadow of how good your previous stories were, the lepergnome is as annoying as he is unfunny, ...

I thank you for the awesome laughs and reads and wish you all the best.

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