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Teh Gladiators Gear Up for Arena Match

Happy Saturday, folks! Saturday is the most beautiful day in the week -- anyone argues that and we'll rent a Cessna to write a trail spelling "NOOB" in the sky above his house. I have in fact set aside a budget for doing that, depending on how well the comic does.

The rest of the budget I've allocated to alcohol and pills, in case this thing fails spectacularly.

The trick is, I don't intend to actually use the alcohol and pills. I will visit the local ZOO and feed it to a random animal. It's bound to provide some entertainment at least.

OK, that was a joke. You don't know me. I joke like that a lot. I would never find it hilarious to see a hopped up zebra. That's cruel and unethical.

Anyway, about the comic. Our heroes are getting the jitters as the first Arena match is only hours away. Problem is, aside from Gorrok, those other two idiots are not even sure what their class is. Nothing that can't be solved in a matter of seconds really.

yours, 2lions




See you all next Saturday!

High Five

Nice one.
Question: Did you forget Orc Guy's eye patch or did I forget something?


Lol, we sure did. Let me fix that real quick. Good catch. And I can't believe our artist. I think he stole the stash of pills and booze already.


All fixed!

lord shrek

Great comic!


Hey, of course it's a druid, it's a cow, and has a flower in it's head, and seems to be wearing leather!

Love the story and art so far.


Lol Trevor lol.


Hey! Just started reading Teh Gladiators :D MAN, I LOVE IT!

By far BEST WOW COMIC i have ever seen! :D Great, just great!

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