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The Old World

I probably never told you this. Wait, I haven't told you a bunch of stuff really. I started playing World of Warcraft back in September 2004 (US beta test); I first made a Night Elf Druid on the US Realms (Khadgar), by the name of Twolions.

Man, those were the days. And it's freaky too. Last night, I was so bored, I went back to just ride through the "old world" with my main, Thundersnow. I ended up going through The Barrens and passing the broken wooden barricade (you know the one) to get into the Ashenvale forest. If you can believe it, I was overcome with fond memories of my good friends: Thundersnow (an Alliance warrior who I've named my main after), Simz, Scout -- the old gang. Back when Lower Blackrock Spire seemed like an insurmountable obstacle to a bunch of people who had a vague idea of how their class worked.

I am telling you, no one, _no_one_ outside this game would understand how a human being can feel genuine nostalgia for places that don't exist, but that's just the thing. To this day, the events and places (and especially the people) are very real to me. It's a part of my life, a memory just like any other. Not that much different from any of the times I got drunk with my buddies and had a good time in real life.

That said, how are my WoW memories any less real or not part of my real life as such?

It takes just a little bit of introspection and self-awareness I think to conclude that my life in Azeroth is just as real to me as anything else. Sure, people will call me crazy, but that's the thing with change (and the notion of "future" as we know it). It takes us by surprise, it never actually takes the direction which we thought it would. We are simply not smart enough to read its path and so, we are often left to look in retrospect, or, more often, it would take several generations and a number of history books to decipher the future that was in plain sight for the ones living it at the time.

yours, 2lions




great one :D
amen to your comments


No offense at all since I love this comic, it's awesome! But.. if it' the wildheart set the LOLOLOLOL druid is using I think it was a kilt to it and not leggings :)

Best regards



You're right, I had that damn set. I'll tell the artist to fix it now.


and also looking under the rock... pure gold


Pure Genius...I miss old PvP..


I just had a neat idea. Gonna tear up the kilt on the Druid so that it looks like some freaky mini-skirt!


How can an arena last 27 years? I mean.. old school AV maybe... but not arena ;P


Hvala Vam da ste ovaj strip izdali na moj 18. rodjendan!
Thank you guys! Your comics are... fabulous :D


Cut the guy some slack... he grinded to rank 14.... awesome stuff, mate... and the murlocs... let's nuke the old bastard and collect our points...

Oh, kudos for the vintage armors and the ever present warrior and resto druid jokes, by the way :)

And the old trip down memory lane... ah, those were the days, I tell ya... you're right, though, nobody who wasn't there couldn't understand the feelings the very mention of things like BRD jailbreak or Strat Baron runs still wake up inside me. And battlegrounds felt simply epic at the time, when you had to wait 6 hours just to get in one...


hahaha, dobar strip....:D


Is it just me, or does it look like the dwarfs foot is his hand, at frame 4. If you look closely you can see his hand, and it's also obvious 'cuz his sword is there.. But damn, it tricked me at first :p


Us druids are good in sneaking around..:D Awesome job!


If they are in an arena with an ongoing match - who are they supposed to fight. Especially when there are only two alliance chars there... fighting each other :p


OMFG ROFL stari....daj sljedeci ODMAH!!! :P


dam his sword look too small since its a 2 handed u make it look like one handed it sould be 3 times that size oh and btw dwarf can life over 1000 years coz they made from earth titan also a dwarf is consider mature in the age of 50 so u made him look like 950 years or more old dam nice one tho :D


The updated kilt pwns hard:)


small error in the first panel :P
the ropes from the bridge to the platforms to the left and right of the bridge are missing (platforms = where the wierd power ups are)


WTF! Dude you're from Khadgar?! That was my first server waaaay back in the day.. My (retired) Tauren Hunter has very fond memories of the old days! I've just recently moved back to the server too. And the name Twolions rings a bell somehow, anyways great comic xD


I was the Moonfire-spamming noob NE druid :)


I must say some thing since I have read all of ur Comic. WTH, it's the best WOW Comic I have seen. Even after a few times repeat, no fun fade.........


Good old days...
and a nice comic aswell.
atm your my 2# fav. lfg on 1# and thenoob on 3#.
continue like this and you might as my 1#.


(To Webmaster et al: please put a date stamp on comments.)

Same here, LFG being first just because it was first WoW strip I viewed.

And the memory lanes...it takes an old-timer like me in this world to know and understand what those memories are, even if not on this world.

*sigh* Not only of the battles and raids we had, the Leroys we met along the way, BUT the sadness it invokes of times that nothing, no reprogramming, no patches, can ever bring back...

And they say a broken heart only belongs to a Worg...What would they know? (hic)


woot 50th post lol.


Hmm i'm feeling a bit [Booterang]-y about the lest picture:)


LOL, mne ponravilas, klassnaja delo ribjata, 10/10.


It would be soooo nice if the Druid hit the dwarf with those boots lol,like in SMW where u throw them at lazy/angry peons.


I've been thinking about pre TBC as well lately, how fun it was, and the memories are idd frightening when you realise that you see them as worthy as real life memories, which I am also doing, because I loved to play WoW and hang out with my RL mates in Blackrock Mountain (funniest thing to do at that time)


Yeah this really brings back nostalgia about the great times in Blackrock Mountain.


I'm really lovin' this comic so far.

To see the white hair, long-ass beard, and vein-infested body of the night-elf, the next update will be awesome!!

Two old chaps battling it out... I wonder what will the team do. Stand and watch, or tell them that it has been years since they started the duel.


Buhahahaha :D ROFL guys you rock - i cannot get enough! In fact I was away for a couple of weeks and hadnt seen the last 2 episodes - and I checked for them as soon as I got back. I love the new direction the story takes. :D Keep up the good work!!!


Ogroman rispekt za strip urke \o/ !1 >:3


/me picks up his skinning knife

you know what day it is! :D


Let me check my calendar. Look like it's not Wednesday!


Can't wait till the new one is up :p Can't wait either till I received a e-mail wich tells me I passed me exams.. >.


gief update already...


come on the seconds and minutes before the update are incredible, the mashing of F5, the fear and anticipation. The things you only get waiting for an epic update keep up the suspense its killing me :D lol

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