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Teh Gladiators Webcomic: The Team Grows By Two
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The Team Grows By Two

If you browse through the "Forbidden Lore and Tales That Are Completely Bollocks" section of the Great Stormwind Library, you'll come across a book written by Henth Von Tentale, a modestly popular author of such books as "The Burning Legion Fashion Guide: Plate is So Out," and "The Mathematics Behind The Barrens Wildlife," both of which sold like absolute crap. Hence the reason why they ended up in this, ironically, rather popular part of the Stormwind library.

It would seem that denizens of Azeroth are not too keen on detailed factual accounts of the events in their history and are, rather, much more amused by what could only be construed as "tabloid literature."

And so, it's no small wonder that Von Tentale's final book, "Murloc's: Descendants from the Oldest Line of Paladins," achieved such tremendous success once it finally ended up in the back sections of the Great Library. Shortly after finishing the book, the author, quite tragically, killed himself, but not before he completed his opus with this "tabloid literature" masterpiece.

I'll share an excerpt with you:

"Murlocs were in fact humans once. Or Draenei. The reports about this seem to be rather contradictory, but are in general agreement that at some point, the gene pools of humans, Draenei, fish and the first Gyrocopter ever built were mixed together to produce the Murloc species. It's a little known fact that the Paladin's famous bubble is, in fact, a genetic mutation -- a vestigial feature of the Murloc's Gyrocopter origins, which later on served as a basis for the forming of an entire religion..."

I'd tell you more about this, but I write this stuff by the hour, and my meter just ran out. See ya next Friday, folks! Much love from me to you!

yours, 2lions




OH GOD YES! MURLOCS! Only thing cooler would have been if Ud given them Hogger...maybe in the future


Murlocs make awesome DPS-ers :)


Don't forget they are quite good at chasing too. :P


Hehe, good tactics Vallant gives Trevor. :P


Lol, yeah. That's my favorite part of this episode :)


@James.Lame, fun times. Back when I was leveling pre-TBC :)


Murlocs!Cool:)Can't wait for the next one.


"This drastically reduces "are" chances..."

*should be "our"...just picking nits


Thanks. Good catch.


hahaha Murlocs...can't w8 2 see thier "spec" :P keep 'em coming m8 ;)


OMG, Murlocks are probably pallies :D (they often are)



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